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DRJ Consulting packs years of business experience into knowledgeable and action. We help you grow.

What Kind of Training or Consulting Does Your Business Need?

DRJ Consulting provides effective business training and consulting for your financial, accounting, marketing and enterprise business needs.


DRJ Consulting has a staff of professional people ready to serve your business needs.

Financial consultants with years of experience

Accounting professionals ready to help you with your QuickBooks, accounting or tax planning.

Marketing consultants who cover the broad area of digital marketing including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), paid advertising (PPC), email marketing, and more.

Enterprise professionals can help you with your day to day operational issues such as IT desktop support, shipping and fulfillment, and even areas requiring an opinion such as contracts and documents.


Living Benefits

Still protecting your loved ones and finances with your Grandpa’s kind of life insurance that can only be paid to your family if you die? Living Benefits life insurance is the smartphone of protection for making sure your family is taken care of even if you don’t die. With Living Benefits, you have the ability …

Money 101

We go to school for 12 to 16 years and learn reading, writing and arithmetic; but never learn “HOW MONEY WORKS”! You’re invited to a FREE workshop. This is NOT a sales seminar, but an educational setting. Bring your notepad, grab a bite to eat, and listen to the fundamental principles of money. Learn how …


DRJ Consulting features various areas of small business expertise.

  • Finance
    • Retirement planning
    • Living Benefits
    • Tax-Free Retirement
  • Accounting
    • Quickbooks Pro Advisor
  • Marketing
    • Online presence
    • Website pages rank
    • Social media presence
  • Enterprise
    • Legal implications
    • Logistic planning
    • IT support